How I Gained 7 Airbnb Listings My First Year

Without investing a dime in real estate or marketing

What You’ll Learn In This Limited Training:

  • The Top 3 Mistakes New Hosts Make That Cut Their Bookings
  • ​How to Get Started On Airbnb Without A Penny Invested In Real Estate
  • ​Two Ways To Automate Your Airbnb Business (Manage In <30 Minutes Per Day)

From Zero To 7 Listings

👋 Airbnb changed my life.

Not in a: “coal walk without burning your bare feet” kinda way…

But in a: “I have unlimited time freedom and flexibility to travel while I manage profitable properties for other people” kinda way. 

Every day, people ask me, “Tito, can I start an Airbnb? Is it profitable? Is it profitable? etc.”

In short, YES.

And it’s not as difficult as you think.

✔️ Yes, you can do it without investing a penny in real estate.

✔️ Yes, you can probably do it starting right now.

✔️ Yes, it’s safe.

✔️ Yes, you can automate 90% of it.

The problem is, too many people suffer from NOT knowing where to start. 😫

They go on vacation to a great property on the beach, city, or mountains.

And while they’re there, they say something like, “I NEED to be doing something like this! But I can’t afford a million-dollar beachfront property!”

So they go home and give up before trying…

Don’t worry, I sure did the same thing.

Until I decided to do some research and make it happen.

And guess what? It worked!

I started with a spare bedroom and by the end of my first year, grew it to 7 listings. (Which I didn’t spend a penny on.) 💰

Then I wrote a book on it.

Then I launched a program and have trained hundreds of people to do the same.

All the while, my Airbnb management portfolio was (and still is) growing.

In fact, I just got back from a 2-week trip vacation, which was completely made possible by running a profitable Airbnb business. 👋

So, after doing this for years, I decided to put together the EXACT, step-by-step strategy I used to start and grow a profitable Airbnb portfolio in this limited-time training.

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